In this post you will see everything we did in our 4 day trip to Prague. If you do not know what to do in Prague in 4 days, this is THE POST to inspire you! We visited Prague in October, but this planning is valid for any time of the year.

In our other trips daily posts, we ended up having a very long post. We think that this was difficult to read and maybe a little boring. So we decided to make a small summary of each day of the trip in one single post, instead of one entry per day. To complement that, we created a video for each day of the trip with more details (in Spanish).

Day 1: Visit to the Karlstejn castle and arrival to Prague

The first day was the day we flew there from Barcelona. We arrived at the Prague airport at 10 o’clock in the morning after raising up really early, as in most trips we do. When we arrived there we took the Airport Express, a bus that goes directly from the airport to the center of Prague. The good part is that if you buy the Prague Card this bus is completely free. On this page you can find more information about Airport Express.

After that, we left things at the hotel and went to see Karlstejn Castle. It takes about an hour by train from the city to arrive to the Karlstejn Castle. We wanted to do it the first day so we can take advantage of the 3-day Prague Card in the city. Most of the places where you can take advantatge are in the city.

We weren’t able to do much more the first day because we spent most of the day going the castle. We were pretty tired to start visiting the city.

What to do in Prague in 4 days - We at a Prague street market

What to do in Prague in 4 days – We at a Prague street market

We had dinner in a place called U Sádlů, where we had the opportunity to had the first encounter with the typical Czech food and a good Pilsner Urquell beer, typical Czech beer. After that we realised that you will find it in almost all the restaurants in Prague.

Here you can see the video of our first day in Prague (in spanish):

Day 2: Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock and walk through the old town

The second day of travel we get up with strength to do an intense day, visit as much as we can until the legs say enough is enough. We went to see one of the most famous, and also most touristic, bridges in Prague: the Charles Bridge. Beware of your wallets and backpacks on this bridge, since the large amount of people in it makes it a good target for pickpockets. Although the bridge is very beautiful we were a bit overwhelmed with all the people that there were.

What to do in Prague in 4 days - Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

What to do in Prague in 4 days – Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Then we returned to the center to do a Free Tour with the company Unity Tours. We liked it a lot since we discovered the history of the city explained in a very pleasant way. We recommend you to do a free tour as one of the first things you do in any destination you visit. It helps you to discover the most important things on a glance, and then you have time to return to what you enjoyed the most and take your time in that place. For those who do not know, the free tour is free as its name suggests, but at the end of the tour you leave a tip to the guide depending on how much you liked the tour.

Tip: On our trip to Prague we slept in this hotel. It is very close to the city center. We recommend it if you plan to visit the city.

Day 3: Prague Castle, Petřín Tower and LEGO Museum

The third day we thought it was a good day to visit the Prague Castle. Inside the Castle there are several places to visit: San Vito’s Cathedral, St. George Basilica, the Golden Alley… We booked the morning of the third day to make the visit. We used the Prague Card to get the ticket for free and we liked it a lot. In our surprise, we were able to do it in less time than we expected. That’s why at midmorning we decided to go to the Petřín Tower. This tower is a place that we totally recommended. You can have the best views of the city of Prague.

What to do in Prague in 4 days: Views of Prague from the Petřín Tower

What to do in Prague in 4 days: Views of Prague from the Petřín Tower

At lunchtime we opted to go to the U Fleků as a lot of people had recommended us this brewery. This restaurant was established in Prague in the year 1500.

In the afternoon we went to the LEGO museum as we had read that it was one of the most important LEGO museums, and as we are still like kids we went to see how it was.

Day 4: Pražská Tržnice Market and Synagogues of the Jewish Quarter of Prague

On the fourth and last day of travel 😞 we went to see the Pražská Tržnice market. One thing that we like while travelling is to do things that local people do. We thought that in a neighborhood market we were not going to find too much tourists. And so it was, we went to see what day-to-day life was like in the city while the local people buy fruit and vegetables.

What to do in Prague in 4 days - Pražská Tržnice Market

What to do in Prague in 4 days – Pražská Tržnice Market

After visiting the market we decided to see the Jewish quarter of Prague. The second day of the trip we tried to visit it, but it was the Yonki Pur, a Jewish holiday, and all synagogues were closed. The synagogue that we liked the most were the Spanish Synagogue and the Pinkas Synagogue.

Spanish Synagogue of Prague

The Spanish Synagogue of Prague was, for us, the most beautiful of all. In that synagogue you  can see all the documentation of the Jewish period of Prague exhibited.

What to do in Prague in 4 days: Interior of the synagogue Espanyola al Barri Jueu de Praga

What to do in Prague in 4 days: Interior of the synagogue Espanyola al Barri Jueu de Praga

Synagogue of Pinkas in Prague

As soon as you enter the Synagogue of Pinkas you will see all the walls full of names. These names are victims of the holocaust. In the Synagogue of Pinkas you can also see drawings of the children who were in the Terezin concentration camp. From this synagogue you can also access to the Jewish Cemetery of Prague.

What do you think about this new way of explaining the day to day of our trips? Is it more comfortable to watch a video? Or are you one of those who prefer to read about our trips? These videos is the first series we do on a trip, which is very improvable in many aspects. Little by little we will improve 😜. If you do not want to miss the videos of the trips we are doing you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Leave us a comment with what you think and we will try to improve in future trips. If you have any doubt about the city of Prague you already know where we are: you can  send us a message via Facebook , via mail or ask it below in the comments. We will help you in everything we can!