Bunkers of Carmel: One of our favorite viewpoints of barcelona

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Bunkers of Carmel are a viewpoint of the city of Barcelona that, until recently, was not very known by people. In this viewpoint we find the remains of an antiaircraft battery of the Spanish Civil War. It is located on the top of Turó de la Rovira, in the Carmel neighborhood.

Alex (Laura’s brother) told us too many times about this place and we had it as a pending task a long time ago. We really wanted to visit it, and learn a little more about the history of this place.

How to get to Bunkers of Carmel

You can go by public transport, taking the 22 bus and walking about five minutes. We chose to go there by car that day, because we did not know very well how to go by public transport.

The past of the Bunkers of Turó de la Rovira

As you can imagine in such a high point of the city, the cold was the main companion of this visit. We visited it well sheltered but I do not want to imagine what the antifascist troops suffered to protect the city, day and night in this place.

When the restoration of this space was made in 2010, they found the pylons on which the tent that served as the military dormitory was built.

After the Civil War the cannons that were here were destroyed, and the space was used to host the neighborhood known as barri dels canons, the last place where there were barracks in the city ​​of Barcelona. The conditions of life in this place were not exactly ideal. To get drinking water, for example, they had to make a tap on a water tank that had previously been in this place.

Bunkers del Carmel in Barcelona
Bunkers of Carmel in Barcelona

Panoramic view of the City of Barcelona

Returning to the present, after making the ascent to where the rests are (not very accessible due to the absence of stairs) we could see the authentic beauty of this place. The whole city at our feet.

The streets that you see so small from here are where we usually go every day walking; how small we are. The city moves so fast that sometimes it’s good to stop a little and see things with perspective.

From one side of the mountain to the other we see a great contrast of neighborhoods. Looking towards the sea, the Eixample blocks predominate, with their perfect square shape. On the other we see the irregular streets of the Carmel neighborhood.

Other high places in the city ​​of Barcelona, such as Castell de Torre Baró also offer good views of the city.

View of Barcelona from the Bunkers of Carmel in Barcelona
Cityscape of Barcelona from the Bunkers of Carmel in Barcelona
Barcelona from a rock in the Bunkers of Carmel
Barcelona from a rock in the Bunkers of Carmel
Barcelona from the Bunkers of Carmel
Barcelona from the Bunkers of Carmel

Sunlight was gradually diminishing and the artificial lights of the city were appearing before our eyes. A show that we recommend without any doubt.

Barcelona at night from the Carmel Bunkers
Barcelona at night from the Carmel Bunkers

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